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By Kevin Wong

Car Respray That Will Enhance The Look Of Your Car

To make a car look as good as new a car respray is the best option. Appearance matters a lot to most of us. Even when it comes to our cars. In Singapore, people care about how their car looks. A simple car respray will make a huge difference in how your car looks. There are many car respray workshops in Singapore to choose from to undertake a car respray assingment. Not all of them are experienced and well equipped to do a professional car respray job. We are the trusted Singapore professionals that provide a one-stop service in car respray and paint restoration. We take the time to understand and find the best solutions for your car respray at reasonable prices.

Professional Car Respray

To ensure excellent results from a car respray, you need proper equipment such as a filtered booth and a high quality spray gun with different nozzles depending on paint and finish are required. Knowledge of the types of paint and the sort of effects desired as well as the techniques of application are also required. It would be impossible for Singapore car owners themselves to do the job of a car respray without the proper tools, knowledge and experience. Our company only believes in using DuPont paint which is the world's leader in Automotive Finishes. We understand what our clients deserve the best and the only way to achieve this is to provide the best quality paint in the market today. DuPont leads the industry in the field of research and development on automotive spray paint so that colour accuracy, quality and productivity are assured.

Our Car Respray Services

The respray process includes pre-spray preparation to ensure a glass smooth surface, clinical cleansing to remove traces of oil, masking to ensure any exposed area is fully painted, spraying, and finally polishing and waxing.  These steps require expertise and experience for a thorough professional job. Once the job is completed, you can maintain the lustrous touch to your resprayed car with just gradual wiping and washing. We're ready to serve you. Call us for a preliminary quotation on a car respray job without obligations.

A Car Respray Tip:

A respray can be expensive. There are a lot of variables to consider when computing the cost. Fees are variable together with your option of full recoloring or respray of only distinct panels. The prices are variable using the quality of service you count on. Respray charges fluctuate with all the requirements from the service to remove or refit the auto body kit. Ensure that you fully consult the workshop manager to avoid hidden charges.

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